Saturday, April 14, 2012

my hearts from heaven...

for awhile i have wanted to post on the hearts i receive from heaven.  i have tons of photos i had planned to share and now it seems like more of a chore than a fun i am going to just post as i go from here on out.  

yesterday as i was gazing out the kitchen window deep in thought i saw this....

today as i ripped off a piece of brownie it crumbled like this.....

i feel so blessed when i receive one of these.   they keep me going on the rough days.  it has been a couple of rough days...every time i look back through the photos of these gifts they make me smile.

my hubby said yesterday...'you know you could find a heart on a blade of grass'....pretty  amazing how God causes me to look in just the right direction to find my hearts...and pennies. 

i am hoping i will be back in the studio tomorrow making lots of  neat stuff.

hope you have a beautiful day....smooches to you.

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