Sunday, April 22, 2012

.....just how many candles can a birthday cake hold?

i feel like this photo of my birthday cake is missing a smokey the bear slogan....such as...only you can prevent forest fires....*snort*

it took over 10 minutes for the men to light this....they accidentally kept blowing out half the cake when they would blow out their match.   the candles started melting quicker and quicker the more they had lit and the icing on the cake was starting to melt and the hubby yelled out for the kids to start singing happy birthday to me as he lit the last couple of that is when you know you have a few or so candles on the cake.   the hubby had to buy 2 packs of 24, and even though i am only a mere 47 years young he just had to add that last candle, and it must have been that last candle that created all of the heat...right?!

my youngest thought this would have made the process a bit quicker...but it just caused the candles to kinda lean...smarty daughter will kill me if she sees that i also captured her stuffing her face with a spoonful of ice cream.

i missed the full hearty-y-ness of the flame by just this much......

my youngest spent the weekend at a friends farm and brought me home some of these.....squeeeee!

and one of these.....there is a heart within a heart on this rock and no matter how hard i tried it just did not want to show up on a photo like it does all live and in person.


my middle guy and my daughter.

after we were all stuffed with ice cream and cake the begging began.  molly waited patiently for a fingerful of icing.  once poor mia saw the camera she ran and hid because cameras are such scary things they are.

mike has the power of telepathy....he can some how cause any one he stares at long enough to drop a morsel or two of whatever food he desires.   i swear the more determined we are not to give him something the more bits and pieces of it we 'accidentally' drop.    he is using his powers on steph as she clears the table. 

i am a very blessed girl....i received some of the sweetest, kindest and most unexpected birthday wishes from so many people.   i am so grateful for each and every one. 

with much love to you all.....nighty-night.  mwah.

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