Tuesday, April 3, 2012

a little art and a little lost dog

this arty girl did not get much done today.  i got out of the house, i mean in a car and out of the neighborhood and everything, for the first time in almost 2months.  nothing fun, just to run to boring errand.

 as a surprise my daughter then took me to a awesome frozen yougurt place called orange leaf. 

i was going to take a picture of my coffee-chocolate-cheesecake-candy topped goodness....but i ate it, actually more like snarfed it.  my hands refused to quit shoveling it in my face long enough to hold the camera. 

this is what i got done in the studio today.  i did not want to stop but i had to.  my inner kindergartener pouted.

i made the pattern for and cut out vintage french book text to line 5 boxes that will become reliquaries later this week and i assembled another curiosity box like the one i did yesterday and that one i will be soldering later this week.

late this evening my oldest and youngest started off for the store to pick a few things up and found this little girl walking in the middle of the road, lost.  since she had no tags they brought her home, and she is now asleep in steph's room.

she was going to stay in our room, but the cats food and water are in our bathroom.  our sweet moan-uh is about 16 years old and the poor girl just does not need any hassle or stress.

you can't really see it in this picture, but she is the oddest looking little thing.  if she had a facebook page, this would be her profile picture as it makes her look about 50 pounds thinner and 100% prettier than she is.  (but she is a critter and so she is cute just cuz in our eyes)  her fur is thicker than any i have ever felt, she has a curly tail, teeny tiny eyes and the face of a husky.  her head is tiny in comparison to her body.  she is soooo overweight.  i think we could count about 16 chins...just kidding it is just one ginormous one.  she almost looks like a husky and chihuahua mated and it did not turn out pretty. 

my youngest snapped a photo of her and posted it to facebook in hopes that one if his friends would know who she belongs to, and sure enough at about 11:45 this evening a friend of his knows the owners.  since it is so late we will have to wait until tomorrow to reunite her with her family.  she is a well behaved good girl and is scared but loves to be loved on.  i can't wait for her to go home though as she has our 3, especially mike, pretty upset....and she stinks a bit.

it reached near 90 degrees yesterday, and depending on what thermometer you believe either 89 or 92 today and she may have been lost since the weekend from what we are told.  with all that fur that poor baby was hot and took several hours to get her cooled down. 

that's about all i have tonight my dears.  i am off to think of just what goodies i can put in the 5 future reliquaries i started on this afternoon. 

hope you had a beautiful day.  mwah!

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