Wednesday, April 4, 2012

i am seeing dots....

i have to say my least favorite part of soldered goodness is putting the foil/tape on the piece. i ripped the foil tape off 2 times on one of the pieces. 

i soldered the first of the two reliquaries with the baby dolls sharing a secret.

this first picture shows the reliquary before i added the dots, and it also shows what is normal when soldering a reliquary.....condensation.  this is why you need to wait for the glue to dry, i usually wait about 24 hours, before soldering.  if not you could end up with a mess.

i love the look of vintage chenille bedspreads.  i have a couple of them.  i remember as a little girl being fascinated by them and their dots.    i just knew that these vintage baby dolls and the vintage papers and stamps needs to be encased in a box with these happy little dots. 

i also remember as a little girl going to the woolworth and five and dime with my grandma....there seemed to be and endless supply of miscellany and gadgets in what i call dime store pink and dime store blue, and i remember the cheezy dime store bath decor with a bathing piggy in an old fashioned bath tub and fake pearls of varied sizes used to simulate bubbles dripping over the side of the tub....thats what i think of  with the soldered dots.....and it makes me happy.  my grandma was something...she had a mouth on her that would make a sailor blush, an attitude, a bit of a goofy nutball, and she had some issues, ...but that woman loved me...truly loved me....warts and all.  guess that is why all that cheezy stuff like lots-o-dots make me happy. 

the pics above were taken before the reliquary was cleaned to remove the flux.    after dinner i added just a few more dots. 

this is after a few extra dots were placed strategically and was shiny and clean....and condensation free. 

got these bits soldered up today as well. 

i can not wait to get back down to my studio and finish up.  i still have a few items to solder and then will be assembling pieces.

i have several pieces ready to go on the etsy shop and i have been dragging my feet....and all my other body parts.  i love taking photos...except when it comes to the etsy shop.  it makes-uh me-uh curazy!

i guess that is all i have for tonight.  i am one pooped puppy that is waiting on the dryer before she can go to bed. 

i am off to see if there are any science geeky or funny shows to watch.

hope you had an awesome day.


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