Tuesday, April 10, 2012

24 hours just isn't enough

my no-longer-lost-mojo and i request that another 24 hours be added to the day. 

i have so many ideas and i just can not get them all done quick enough.   i am really fighting with the arty-a.d.d.   i am so proud of myself though, because i am finishing projects and not starting on new stuff before i finish every project that i have started.  i have a bad habit of doing that....like a crazy nutty mad scientist i am at times. 

yesterday i did not get a chance to get down to my studio.  for 2 days in a row it was minor disaster after minor disaster.  on top of everything else going on i hit my limit and i bawled like a baby.  all i can say is Lord let this test be part of an awesome testimony...and soon. 

my first project in the studio today was to make a hook and eye type closure for the twin babies reliquaries.

that did not go well.  i could not for the life of me get one to turn out the way i wanted. 

this is the bottom of my newly emptied trash bin....full of discarded attempts at making closures.  it was like i had never made one before, or that i was working with two right hands (because i am a lefty) and was all thumbs. 

i decided to use these guys, which i have not used in quite some time.  they are wire twister doo-hickeys.

i twisted wire, then folded it over and twisted again, so it is the equivalent of 4 strands of wire.  i tried making a clasp from this.....nope.  not what i wanted.  this one made me think of rope and all things nautical.  i saved this one for a future project.

so i went back to the trusty tools of wire bending and shaping.  the pencil and the vintage bird perch.  this time it worked the first time.  finally.

not sure why i have this picture here and for some reason i thought it would be easier to type this instead of just hitting the delete option.  i am tired.

here is the one i patina-ed.  ugh.  i usually love this soldered stuff all patina-y.  i should have listened to my gut on this one.  i like it, and it really does look better all like live and in person, but this one time i wish i would have left it shiny. 

i added an extra bit of fabric where the dangly attaches.

and here is the shiny one all done.

i then started on this......

oh, and i learned something the very, very, very hard way this evening.  if you are going to wire fabric, like what i did for the twin babies necklaces....make sure you leave a tail of wire to grip.  if you don't all you will do is spin and spin and spin the fabric round and round and get no where fast! 

that is pretty much it for now.  

i did try the vinegar as a weed killer thing from PINTEREST  today.

 we have tons of poison ivy in the backyard and the hubby and youngest son are most terribly allergic...the older son we don't know because he is allergic to yard work and sunlight....lol.  i am allergic to steroids, they think.  long story, bad reaction to the stuff.  so we can not take a chance of me coming in contact with it, because they give you steroids when the poison ivy rash gets out of control.
i could not find any real info on using it on poison ivy, but figured i would give it a try.

i did spray it on these gawd awful prickly weeds, i think it is thistle.  the pricklies poke through even the thickest of gloves.   in less than 12 hours it was already dying!  yippee!  i will show before and after photos tomorrow. 

yipes...it is almost 2 am and i still have to throw a load in the dryer.  oh....here is a nifty tip to save time and money when drying clothes.  first, i played with the dryer settings last year and found that i could set the dryer on the half way mark to get our clothes dry.  in the past if i have needed to dry a piece of clothing in a hurry i would throw that one item in plus a big fluffy towel.  well, i have started throwing a towel in with my full loads and now instead of setting the dryer at the half way mark i can now set it at the quarter mark.  half the time means smaller electric bill, especially in the summer when the a.c. is running! 

ok...now i am saying night-night.  i have been getting better at this going to bed thing.  it was after i woke my peeps up around 5:30, and i have been working my way slowly to earlier sleepy times...now, when i do not ramble to very long i can fall asleep at 2:30. 

ok...now i am saying nighty-night for real.


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