Tuesday, October 29, 2013

rainy day play

today was such was classic autumn rainy day.   i love days like these.   the smell of the wet earth and freshly fallen leaves.   just the right amount of chill in the air.  

i spent the day taking photos of items to add back to the etsy shop and managed to forget to take even one single photo of all things autumn right outside my window.  

my intentions were to work in my studio a bit, take photos for another bit and then edit and add to the etsy shop so that i could get it up and going again, then post about it all.   the day moved slow, but time slipped by quickly.   never made it down to my studio.   it must be that rainy day chill in the air that made for an unintentional lazy day.  

debating on adding the items to the shop after dinner, and seeing as it is after 7, it would be past 10 before it would get done, or should i hold off until tomorrow morning.  not sure how it all works when it comes to where it lands in the feed and all.    i have over 100 items to add back in, plus new items as they are completed.   i had planned to add 3 -5 pieces a day and new items as completed, but i am thinking i may need to step it up a bit.  

it was a quiet day here.   not much going on.   it is suppose to rain for a couple more days with a chance of storms.  some happy thunder and lightning would make this girl smile, not the stuff we got on may 31st.   before i head off to play chef i will share a few of the photos i took today of what will be in the etsy shop.

hope you have a wonderful evening.  

Monday, October 28, 2013

my proof of angel love

these 3 glass containers hold feathers from my zebra and society finches.

  the glass container on the right holds a variety of feathers, all different sizes, shapes, colors and patterns.

the glass container on the left holds the special tail feathers from zebra finches that have hearts on them.   most zebra finch feathers have 2 - 3 stripes and it is usually in one of those stripes i have found my hearts, like these.....

i have treasured these special feathers and have thought about soldering each one between glass and making a necklace or bracelet out of the charms.

God, angels...they work in their own special way.    my normal daily routine is to clean the finch cage and give them new food and water, then i search the floor for good feathers to use in my art and i always hope to find a special one, then i vacuum.   it is amazing just how far from the cage the finch seeds and feathers travel.    today a series of events distracted me and before i knew it the hubby was home and we sat and watched the birds and tried to get a peek at the newest batch of babies.   before we knew it,  a couple of hours flew by...ha....get it....we were watching the birds and time flew....ok, funnier in my head....anyway.....i started to go get the full size vacuum to finally vacuum and i checked the floor, for a 2nd time today, for feathers and found nothing.   again i was distracted and next thing i knew i found myself cleaning the bathrooms and i use a small hand vac for them.  on the way to take the hand vac back to the laundry room i decided to hand vac the area around the bird cage instead of lugging out the big vacuum.   while bending over i thought to myself just how ridiculous i was being....this was more time consuming, and not a good idea considering i was bending over with the meniere's beast looming in the background, not to mention it was not doing the job....  as i turned to vacuum the dark corner between a table and the cage i saw 2 zebra finch feathers.....

i got down on my hands and knees to retrieve the two feathers and discovered a third.   i also discovered while on my hands i knees i need to wipe down my baseboards as well.   as i picked up the largest of the three feathers i saw a dot that i just knew was a heart.  i ran....uh, walked quickly, to grab my reading glasses and saw this.....

the most perfectly perfect heart.    last week while looking out of my kitchen window thinking of what was our life now and what i have hope and faith for our life in the future i asked that i be given a heart in a place or way i have not received one before.    today i had a serious case of the blahs i just could not shake and was trying to replace thoughts of the situation that caused the blahs with good thoughts and today that just was not working....just a wee bit later i found this.   this is my sign.   this is my proof.   this is my angel.   this became my joy and peace.

this particular feather is in the middle glass container.   in its own special place.

here is a bit more angel love i have received over the last couple of days...

a leaf while out shopping with my daughter friday night

a shadow on some folded laundry friday night

more laundry from friday nights

this chip from friday night

i usually take a few pictures of each heart i find just in case one turns out unfocused and in this case, when i uploaded them on to my computer this evening i found a small hole in the chip and guess what.....

another wee teeney heart.....

a super up close and blurry view of that small hearty hole on that hearty chip.

while making pumpkin bread....there are actually two hearts here.....i am too pooped to photo edit and draw circles...there is one up top and one at the bottom.

another heart in the batter mixing bowl

one in the batter after i poured it in the pan.

one in the bread after baking...this photo uploaded all distorted and i am not sure why.

see the heart 'fold' peeking out of the sweat jacket, again friday night.

there are 2 hearts, 1 right side up and 1 up side down.

dough for homemade pizza and cheese garlic bread.   i found 3 flour hearts on the dough, but i spared you the thrill of looking at 3 shots of pizza dough.

back side of cheese garlic bread

this wash cloth i found on a trip to the bathroom at 5:30am.   i only had 1 eye partially open, just enough to find my way....this proves how serious i am at trying to photograph these gifts!

found this piece of paper standing upright inside the nest that held a baby bird that fledged friday evening,  found this piece of paper this afternoon.

a hearty pale orange spot on kitty's leg.

these are just a few that i have photographed over the last few days.  there are twice as many more, but they need arrows and circles to help guide your way to see and this girl is getting pooped.
i don't usually receive quite this many every day, but i have noticed there are times when my angel knows i need to feel the love in a big way.

this is proof that life continues on beyond this world.   our loved ones are close by, we are loved and guided and protected.   i think i know who sends me these hearts, and when i get a rush of them i think i understand why, but i sure would love to know for sure.  someday  maybe i will get to meet theresa caputo and find out for sure.

i have lots more to talk about, so maybe tomorrow, especially since i hope to get back to blogging daily.