Saturday, February 25, 2012

dipping a toe back in the waters of blogging......

i know, i know i have been gone for quite awhile. 

november and december were a roller coaster ride and this arty girl was playing cheerleader to the hubby and kids while trying to hold on to faith and believe all that i was telling them to get through the holidays with cheer, and when january arrived i was drained and well in need of someone to tell ME everything was going to not just be ok, but wonderful if i could just hang in there, and to hold me tight.

in january our 2 year old computer bit the dust the night i was going to do a blog post.   we were told that it would cost 120.00 to fix it, and i thought how are we going to pay for this....then we were told 170.00....a couple of days later even worse.  the computer was not fixable.  i am thankful for qvc...we now have a new computer and we are making monthly payments....i so luvs my new computer, but hate the next six months of payments.   never, ever, ever, ever again will i own a gateway.  this hp is pretty darn cool.  to log in to sites that require a password i swipe a finger on the scanner.  my right hand index finger is facebook, and my flipper finger is blogger.....squeeeeeee!  and so now if you wanna hack in to my facebook you know which one of my fingers you need.....maybe i should not have given out such classified information.

i have so much to say.  so much to catch up on.   can't wait to share the story of our christmas miracle.   still makes me smile and gives me hope for a beautiful future.....i am in total awe to be truthful.. but  first i am dipping a toe or two back in the waters of blogging.  getting my feet wet and working up to my ankles....and so on.   i still feel a bit blaaaaaaaah and eeeeeeeee with a little waaaaaaa on the side.  not full on crazy, just kinda like what an exposed nerve might feel like after having been sanded on repeatedly.

 the last couple of months..... like a snail that has been poked by stick..... i sought the refuge of my shell,  avoiding even facebook.    thank you from the depths of my heart to all of you who kept on checking on me and poking me and sending me messages and writing on my lifted me up and helped make this part of the journey, which like a nasty tasting medicine,  has been hard at times to swallow and keep down.......i am slowly making my way out. 

i just can't seem to hit the publish button with out a bit of show and tell......a post with out photos just is not a post at all....


 my wonderful daughter bought me  some essie sparkkkkkkkkelyyyyy nail polish and a butterfly headband, which i wore all day, even as i cleaned house.....yup cuz i roll that way.  she also brought me a bread co.  cinnamon crunch bagel sliced like biscotti and some honey walnut butter.  there is no photo of that because i ate it all gone!  i am so lucky to have such a wonderful daughter.  i feel so blessed that i have been able to have such a close relationship with my daughter.  my mother and i were never close.  i did not know how to have a mother/daughter relationship...but i am so happy we figured it all out. 

sam and i had a nice talk yesterday....something that has been happening more and more over the past year or so.  he is a quiet, keep to him self kinda guy, so i treasure our talks.  this one was about religion.  as i am growing closer to God, sam is trying to figure out what he believes and how he feels.  i understand him more than he thinks...there are bits of him that remind me of what i was like.  so we talk when he wants to talk and i leave him be most other matter how hard it is, because i know, that like me when i was younger, if i approach him at the wrong time, the wrong way, with information he did not ask for it will only push him away.

and max and i talked and looked through a large bit of his rock collection.  a love we both share.  this morning it was all picked back up and he vacuumed up the dusty mess.  he is such an easy going guy that is going to make an awesome hubby and daddy some day.  he and i are so much alike.  we are goofballs and dorks.  we laugh at the most inappropriate times, especially when i am reprimanding him for his behavior. 

after looking through his collection for a heart rock for his girlfriend, that he is head-over-heals in love with, he stepped outside for a  moment and called me out to see this....

normally we can see jupiter near the moon, but last night there was the moon, and to the left a really really bright shiny planet and to the left of that a smaller bright and shiny planet.  i am not sure what was what but the bright and shiny in the middle was unbelievable.  he and i stared and stared thinking maybe it was a plane...we waited and waited for it to move, but it did not.  

the kids and i have spent a lot of time star gazing over the years, and i am glad we did, and  when most kids mostly don't seem notice or care about the simple little things, these kids of mine have an appreciation for these things. more thing...then i am done for today.....

so this whole etsy thing.   i have been thinking about closing up shop again......the other day i came across this email notification from an etsy peep. 

When curating my collection of weeping plants, I was so happy to find your cherry tree necklace! Curiously, this type of cherry is rarely portrayed in the art that I see. I have always thought these trees so delicate and elegant, and your unique piece truly captures their graceful, wistful beauty. It adds so much to the muted color scheme and the soft, nostalgic mood I was hoping to create with my grouping. So here is the link:
I hope you are pleased.
Now that I know you do this unusual and evocative jewelry, I will follow your site. I like to take time with treasuries, often wishing to leave the viewer with a particular feeling. When I am able to include another of your works, I will let you know. Thank you for sharing your gift.
Warm regards,

thank you God, and thank you Diane for giving me the umph to hang in there and keep going just when i was doubting myself.....again. 

be back soon with some pinterest goodies and a fail......just need to regather photos.

big sloppy smooches and big squishy hugs to you all.