Friday, September 2, 2011

Getting ready for our fall 2011 collection....

just wanted to pop in quickly.  i have got lots to say and most of it will have to wait until we get out fall collection of scarves and other lovlies completed and added to the etsy shop.

i, for one, can not wait for fall.   i am not a hot weather girl and never have been.  with that said, i am not looking forward to winter.  not a cold weather girl either, but after the motor for the  fan on our air conditioning pooped out on us yesterday in the early afternoon, on a record breaking hot day i would so love to make a snow angel or two buck necked!

 at least there is lots of copper wiring in the deceased fan motor to salvage for my schtuff. 

so thankful the hubs was able to make the repairs, saving us a bundle.  the air has been back on again for about 2 hours and the temperature is finally down from 97 to 95 degrees. 

steph has been busy working as an after school teacher/care provider at the local elementary school so i am flying solo with the etsy shop for a bit while she adjusts to a new life schedule and the demands of her new job.  i am so proud of her!  we fully expected her to come home after the first week threatening to have her tubes tied!   i am hoping though we can get bunches done this weekend. 

my finger is getting back to normal after my weeding/gardening incident.  it is amazing just how icky and painful a splinter rammed half way down your nail bed can be.   it is also amazing just how much you use the ring finger on your non-dominate hand.  note to self:  buy gardening gloves that fit before pulling weeds again.  i will also spare you all of any photo-show-n-tell of that....ewwwie. 

i worked on part of our etsy photo collage to introduce our fall collection today....

thankfully i had plenty of fall photos to choose from in last years albums.

the rest of these photos were taken quickly with my camera on my phone quickly between loads in the wash just to show some of the colors......

i can not wait to show off the oh-so-beautiful designs created by using the new shibori methods.   they are time consuming, but the end results are worth every bit of time and effort. 

these photos are not the best...once we have had a chance to do some proper photographing i will let you all sneak a peek before we list to etsy!  shhhh!

 this photo is just a peek at some of the effect from 2 of the shibori methods......i loves it, alot.

one of the many colors my hands have been during this process.  i have been coordinating my outfits with the days hand color.  since this arty girl does not get out of the house often, when i do, i love to play dress-up and be pretty! 

the only time i get strange looks is when i have worked with so many colors that my hands and nails just look filthy dirty.....most people seem to understand i have undertaken some form of arty endeavor, and have even asked me what i have been doing,  but for those very few that like to give the oh-so-obvious disgusted stare....that's when you smell your hands and say out loud....thank goodness the smell is almost gone..... hehe....

i am off to go try to do something arty now that the house is starting to cool down.  there is nothing like having a hot flash and being in a hot hot hot house!  speaking of hot flashes....maybe i need to go find something sweet and something salty to offer to the pms monster that seems to be firing off this latest round of hot flashes! 

be back soon....smooches to ya. 

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