Thursday, September 15, 2011 all amazes me..

there are moments in time when i want a clear message to drop from the sky.    sometimes they do, sometimes they don't.

there are times when i feel alone and abandoned, so there is no reason to ask then, is there, for a message to be sent? 

i often remind God that i am both blonde and hearing impaired, so no soft quiet subtle hints for this girl.

say it plain and clear.  big and loud. 

i don't always get those messages i am asking for and looking for right away.  sometimes, as in the case when i wrote this mornings blog post, i did not ask for a message, and quite honestly was not even expecting one...and i got 2. 

funny how this all works....huh?

last night, more like the wee early morning hours this morning, i had all but given up on my etsy shop. 

when i woke up i found this message in my in box.......

Zoe Designs (ZoeDesignsVintage) sent you a conversation on September 15, 2011.


Beautiful items and great variety! I'll add a few to our favorites.

Happy Sales!

Ellen and Bob

this was just the umph i needed to carry on and keep going...a huge sale would have been great too...but how cool was this?!  right?!

i quickly sent bob and ellen a note back and told them they were heaven sent.  and thanked  them for the message, to which ellen replied.....

Zoe Designs (ZoeDesignsVintage) sent you a conversation on September 15, 2011.


Hello Christine,

Yes, I must be heaven sent :) I found you "accidentally", as they say, looked at your items and felt compelled to send a quick note! I do write to a few people a week - you caught my eye today :)

Synchronicity is something, isn't it?

Thanks for your note back. I'll add a few items from your shop tonight :)


so if this was not enough to wind me up, put the wind back in my sales,  a bit later a new facebook friend, and gallery owner  complimented this photo. 

i then private messaged her about her thought on pricing.  she was pretty much in line what we came up with here.

i think there are times when we think we are at the end of our rope, and we ask, and pray, and even beg for an answer.  but we are not at the end of our rope, and so we continue on waiting for it to get better, to change, for a big sign to drop out of the sky.  then there are times when we really are at the end of our rope and we get just the nudge we need, a message drops out of the sky....plain and clear, big and loud. 

so as i tuck myself in to bed i am so thankful to God for the messages and the people that were brought across my path today. 


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  1. Hi Christine, I love our blog!! Just reading about my new friend. :D I'll have to take a look at your Etsy store. :D