Saturday, August 27, 2011

couldn't leave that other blog post out there all by itself....

i know i have mentioned this once already, but, .i shut down my old blog since i had run out of photo storage space. 

i had the option to pay for more....but i blog, not only because i love it,  but because it is freeeeeeeeee.

again...i kind of took it as a hint from the Big Guy upstairs that maybe i needed to put the past there and keep it there and start over a bit. 

i have been doing alot of thinking along those lines.  what do i carry over, what do i not.

i have decided i will continue to mention, talk about, and babble a bit about life with Meneire's disease.  after having a few people tell me i have inspired them, insert humble blush here, i figured that is one good reason to continue to jabber on.

 another good reason is to raise awareness of just what having vertigo is like.  it is not just being in a spinny world.  if affects my swallowing, i am always dropping things, some days concentration is nearly impossible, i am hearing impaired, and may eventually lose my hearing altogether someday, and so many other things.

i have read blogs by artists who have whined about there illnesses, their kids and hubbies and how awful everything else all of the seems there are quite a few medically challenged artists out there.  i don't wish to be a whiner, HOWEVER...there are days where my good cheer, optimistic attitude and last nerve are about all used up and i may choose to whine on a rare occasion because being spinny just plain sucks some days.

i have read blogs by artists who paint a picture of nothing but happiness and sunshine, their kids are perfect, their hubby is a saint and they are healthy and all is rainbows, sunshine and unicorns...then you see on facebook they are getting divorced, their kids are in prison  and they are about to drop dead of some dreaded disease and you kinda feel relieved that there is someone out there not actually living a totally perfect storybook happy crappy life but at the same time you feel let down and  lied to...well i do at least. 

so, i will keep on telling it like it is, but trying to keep it happy mostly, because happy is just more funner.

i love to let my pictures do the talking mostly, but it is hard to find pictures for all i have talked about up till now.

i am a dork, a goof-ball, working on growing a thicker skin ex-oversensative girl, a science geek, an artist, mom,of 3 and wife,of 1, keeper of the dust bunnies...although i have been known to neglect the poor boogers to make art or hang with the family,  a survivor of many things...some i have shared, some only a very select few know of, and a couple not even my hubby knows about, a reincarnated hippie, flower child, gypsy who just might be called eccentric as she gets older and i don't care what anyone thinks, eccentric is just a negative way of looking at being unique. 

i have always believed in God, but until the last few years thought he was a real jerk that was only interested in punishing.   some things in life make you realize just how wonderful having God in your corner is, and just how many miracles are out there if you only take the time to see them.  i am not religious though by any means.  i will not shove my thoughts or beliefs in your face, but i will share the miracles with you.  we all have our own path we must make to reach that place where God, or whatever you choose to call it, is.

wow, i just might have my 'about me' for this new blog.  i don't have a clue where this all came from.

this evening i added 6 new pieces.  they are simple, causal pieces.  but i love tribal inspired pieces.  layers and layers.  bright colors.   little beads.

on my old blog i had mentioned since the semi-precious stuff does not seem to be selling right now, and therefore i have lost most of my desire to create them as a result, i am going to go back to what i really love....found object jewelry.

i wanted to be an archaeologist, anthropologist, astrologist and the kid in me still does.   i love old stuff. 

while dyeing scarves i have been snapping up bits of fabric to dye as well for future found object jewelry pieces.

a bit of show-n-tell for you.  what i added to the etsy shop. 

these items are in our A2F, accessory2fashion, shop.  i am hoping once we get all 50-70 scarves added to this shop i can start adding items to the nest feathers and twine shop, which is for home-y stuff. 

you can see bits and pieces of a few of the scarves in these photos. 

thank you for stopping by.

nighty-night.  mwah.

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