Thursday, September 8, 2011

hoppin' in to say hi....

this arty girl is still feeling not-so-arty from her ear infection, but had to share this photo......

aren't they cute?!  momma and baby.

ok, this picture is blurry darnit and i am totally bummed, but i just love the look of determination on the face of jr. there.   he succeeded every time in jumping over max's hand. 

earlier today i was running between the outside and inside,  rinsing and wringing freshly dyed scarves and then washing them, while adding others to their dye baths and i noticed mike playing in the dripping water from the outdoor faucet.  mike does not like water so i walked over to see just what the little booger was up to and found him pawing and smacking at the mud.   i looked down and this lumpy blob in the mud and could not figure out why mike was messing with it.  he does have a facination with our backyard frogs, but this was not a frog....just a lumpy bumpy blob.....just then the blob moved and i realized that mike had accidentally covered and buried one of our little frogs in mud.  next thing i knew the poor thing was opening it mouth gasping for air and trying to wipe mud off it's eye with a back leg gooped up in mud.  

we rinsed the little guy off, and for a minute there i thought one of his eyeballs were hanging out of his head...ewwwwie....thankfully it was a little twig thingy...whew....,  and put him back under the house where he lives during the day so he could recouperate, later max found them both out and about and brought them in. 

so that is about all there is today.  got lots done even though between the beast and the ear infection i feel like crap on a cracker.  

i am hoping to play show-n-tell with the scarves here in a day or two.  with steph working i am on my own and running in eleventy different directions at once.

i will try to pop back in tomorrow.

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