Monday, September 5, 2011

keeping my promise to myself....

i promised awhile back on my other blog that i was going to get myself back in the swing of posting daily. 

so....not much happened today....insert cricket chirping noise here......

the blushing pink scarf i was stitch-stitching away on, i decided to add even more stitches to it, so it took me a bit longer to finish it up.

after my last post  steph and i sat up and talked for a couple of hours and by the time i wound myself down it was 6ish.  as i was tucking myself in the hubby was having one of his boxing matches and fighting someone, something he has not done in awhile, up until the last few nights that is.  so this tired arty girl slipped outta bed and poked him then backed off and waited for him to fully wake up.

after that i attempted to tuck myself in to bed again and mia, our scaredy-cat guard dog began barking ferociously at what was probably a blowing leaf...but to be on the safe side i crawled out of bed to check and make sure there was not an evol villian standing at our back door....nope there wasn't. 

pretty soon though mia was joined in the barking by mike, who has discovered recently that he can bark even louder...he sounds like he is about 6 feet tall and weighs 600 pounds now when he barks....

and then there is mollie, too smart to bark at such silly things, but she did have to add her two cents worth
and bark once. 

so since the other two barked i crawled out of bed again to check one more time....nope still nada, nothin', zilch...i attempted to crawl back in to bed and moan-uh the cat decided now she wanted in the kitchen to back we went to the kitchen and i open the gate....our puppies are naughty.....and let her in to eat. 

 moan-uh, our geriatric kitty is still purr-fectly able to get in to the kitchen all by her self, but i feel bad still for her, and she will meow until you escort her to the kitchen....she gets out of the kitchen with not a peep.

so now i am climbing back in to bed and then.....i gotta pee.  so i climb back out of bed.

by this time it is after 7.  i crawled back in to bed, and since the tinnitus was at an all time glass shattering level i turned on a comedy show and don't even remember seeing the first seconds of it because i was out.  

steph and i opted not to try out resist technique with the gel glue and just to work on putting the finishing touches on the scarves we have done and getting them photographed and added to etsy....we will then start on a new batch with new tricks and techniques.  then we talked about all things girlie....i love spending time gabbing with her.  i am one lucky mom.

i can not wait to get this first batch of scarves done done....all the way done and listed.  i so want to get back downstairs and working on other projects again.....

i still need to add a few finishing touches to this one before i can list it on our nest feathers and twine etsy shop.  the hubby and i both loved it so much i am going to make one for us.  i am not sure where we will put it until we own our dream house though.

warning....below is a photo of a nakey polymer clay art doll, if nakedness is offensive please do not go any further....but if nakedness is offensive then telling you i had to pee earlier probably was as well and you may have already left.....but i am warning you anyway.

this is an art doll i need to finish.  before the hubs lost his job back in may, i entered an art doll exchange and since i signed up to make a polymer clay version to challenge myself, this is the first version of the doll.   i have not worked with polymer clay in quite some time and wanted to get back in to it so hey...lets stress ourselves out right?! 

i got a bit nervous about sending a stranger a nakey doll, so i made her something else.  i can not show you that doll yet because she has not received it yet.  i will play show-n-tell when she has received it. 

she is not really suppose to have full arms and legs.  thought about giving her some cellulite dimples and more of a saggy belly.  like the belly of a woman who has been stretched to the limits by having 3 nearly 10 pound babies.  i have never worked with this brand of polymer clay before and don't like it, so maybe i should not mess with her too awfully much.

so i am going to add a few more stitches to another scarf and try to get to bed a bit earlier since the boys have school again tomorrow and i have to get up before the sun, birds, and most other humans to wake them up.

nighty-night...big squishy hugs.

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