Saturday, September 3, 2011

and tomorrow is another day....

what was planned for today will have to wait until tomorrow......

we have 1 sick hubby, 25 or so years ago had his stomach stapled and every once in awhile he eats something the tummy does not like.

child number 2 has either allergies or a cold, and being of the male variety is feigning death....thank goodness that child will never have to experience childbirth....sheesh. 

the beast, and if you are new to either this 'new' blog or my old, is the Meneire's disease induced vertigo and benign positional vertigo, has been kicking this girls butt big time today. 

this morning the hubby and boys took a 4 hour trip to meet someone to deliver a hatch from our old, tired, pos suburban.  on the way back they stopped at a garage sale.  we have not been able to garage/estate/flea market sale for quite sometime, and i look forward to the day that we can again.  the people were having to sell what appeared to be the majority of their belongings, which breaks my heart.

  the hubby walked in the door with a box full of silverware.  he knew i was wanting to do some arty stuff with the silverware.  some of these pieces are too too beautiful to do anything with, and i have some more research to do on these pieces.....oh..oh..oh....are they beautiful.....eeeeeeee!

ohhhh....i forgot to take photos....hold on be right back, or brb as the daughter says.


i have been looking for these boxes, the brass and glass ones.  use to be you could find them at any dime store type store, dollar store.  i went looking for them a few months back and could not find a one.  this one has etching on the top, but i will find a way to fix that....somehow.

little old medicine can never have enough of them.

old crusty boxes....squeeeeee.....neato.  and one of them is marked with my least the age on my birth certificate.  i sure don't feel anywhere near that number...maybe half that. 

a couple of old brooches i can use in my jewelry making, and this adorable box of teaspoons...and tucked inside.....

this sweet little note......

and now the box of treasure......

just look at the patterns on some of these pieces!!!   i have more research to do to determine the actual age, the back is stamped Rogers 1847.  some pieces list the individual brothers names as well. 

some of these will be used in with art, some of them. 

so, that is all i've got for now.....oh...except for this......

 i worked on this one above....and below..... to introduce our scarves.  not sure if we will use one, or all of them or any of them.  since i was stuck in bed most of the day i played a bit.  the vertigo makes it hard to concentrated and focus....but i hate doing nothing. 

this is one steph did.  steph is more of a plain and simple, classic kinda girl.  she must get that from her grandmother.  i love both of our styles.  lots.  that is what makes it so hard. 

you would, however, think that we would have learned not to work on any collaborative project when we both have some monster pms.  eeeek.  we both are a wee bit over sensitive, and a teeny bit on edge. 

ok, so that is all i have for now.   i am off to schmere poison plant and critter cream on the hubby's face, which is starting to look like something out of a horror film,  and see if my quarter coffee has cooled off enough to drink. 

lots of love to ya....mwah. 

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