Monday, September 5, 2011

shibor-ing.......stitch-stitch-stiching away......

2:54am  and i am wide awake....and i am stitching and stitching a soon to be scarf.  10 feet of fabric.  when i started i liked the blushing shade i had dyed the fabric.  now i must sayeth the pinketh stinketh.  i am looking forward to working on a different shade.   

the stitch process is boring, and after the dyeing process is complete the unstitching of it all is quite the challenge, making sure that only the knotted string is cut and not the fabric.  in the end though....oh-so-neato it all looks.  yes it does. 

every row i stitch i change my mind as to what the secondary dye color will be.....aaaaaaaaarrrggggg.....

this is after the stitched threads have been pulled and tied off....

that is about all for today.  the beast has been extra naughty, earlier today when i walked i look like a drunk trying to walk across a waterbed.   but, within the last few hours i now just look like a drunk trying to hands and brain are working better together so i can type and stitch....although i feel like a pin cushion at the moment!  now if the tinnitus would knock it down a notch or two so i could hear myself think i would be a happy girl, not to mention that every time i turn my head it is like being at 6 flags on the spinny tea cup ride. 

the weather here was gorgeous today.  in the 70's, just the most perfect amount of breeze! 

this evening it smelled just like october!   it was a bit chilly and the sky was perfectly clear and you could see the stars.  i could have stayed out all evening looking up at them. 

um, well...i guess i am back to doing some more stitching.   i would so love to get this pinky piece done before i try to go to sleep. 

hoping tomorrow to try a gel glue resist method.  fingers crossed it works just like the tutorial says.  the thought of working with drippy hot wax with my coordination is not appealing, and it is more expensive.

can you tell i am one of those people that takes a long time to say good-bye....always thinking of 1 more thing.

ok, i am really going this time!   

big sloppy kisses to ya....


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