Tuesday, March 13, 2012

vintage door knob photo holder

sheesh am i having a hard time staying down in my studio.  the weather is beautiful, and this girl is loves hearing the birds chirp and sing.....something i can not do in the basement. 

my dream house has my studio on the third floor with a balcony and french doors and lots of large windows. 

i thought i would play a bit-o-show-n-tell....makes for a good excuse to stay upstairs for awhile anyway!

i first saw this on etsy one day while cruising for inspiration.

finally a use for the couple of vintage door knobs i had picked up years ago on the cheap at an estate sale.

i made it a bit on the tall side,  the other one will be a bit shorter.

ok....i can not put this off any longer....i am heading down to the studio.

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