Monday, March 26, 2012

glitter, glitter everywhere...even in

my underwear.....maybe a tmi...but it aint no lie.

that is what i love/hate about glitter.  it will be on me and everything i touch for at least a week. 

the plan for today was to finish crackle egg number 4  and then work on doing some more studio tidying.  well the beast had other plans for the day.  the beast wanted to watch the ncis marathon.  i argued with the beast that we could watch the marathon on my ancient tiny tv in my studio.  so off i went downstairs to the studio and the beast protested.  i almost fell on my face 3 times just getting to my chair.

once in my chair i was okey dokey, i had my glitter...squeeeee....and my glue.  i penciled the words 'happy easter' on the egg and realized the word easter was a bit off kilter and i had used a sketching pencil and there was no erasing it....sheesh.  ( i would love to blame this on the beast, and probably could, but i am sure it was just my lack of  paying total attention to what i was doing to blame)    i went ahead and traced over the letters with glue

i sprinkled the oh-so-magical glitter over it and the beast acted naughty and my hand and brain quit communicating and i.......dropped.....the.......egg!   ewwwwwwwwww.  i picked the egg up real quick and began to smoooosh the glitter and glue back where it was originally.  &^*%&(^$%^$  beast!

after side 1 dried

 i figured there is another side to the egg so i will give it another shot, and thankfully it turned out better.  the beast did mess with me on side 2 but i whooped its' butt. 

much better side 2 is. 

i have to admit that i did finally give in to the beast shortly after this.  but at least i came down to my studio and did accomplish something.

i was too lazy to get my camera out of its case to capture a better photo...but this will give ya an idea of where it landed.

while flipping channels trying to find something other than an infomercial to watch to keep me company after you and i part ways for the evening i came across the last few minutes of young frankenstein.  i love that movie and i am pretty bummed that i missed it.

well, i am off to go take another swig from the bottle of store brand mylanta  as this heartburn is being quite a jerk.

sleep tight.  mwah.

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