Tuesday, March 27, 2012

quick like a bunny

is how this post will be.  this arty girl is tired big time.   heartburn kept me up until 5am then i had peeps to wake up at different intervals, and being that i had probably just entered a good rem sleep when the alarm went off the first time i was way to out of it and woke up the wrong peep....oops.....

so i had the house to myself for almost 2 whole hours!  squeeeee!   and after about 2 seconds the excitement was gone.......i realized i had nothing special to do or enjoy and i had dishes in the sink to be washed by hand (hoping we can get the new hose for the dishwasher this month)  there was laundry, and bathrooms to be cleaned, vacuuming and dusting...blah blah blah and then the studio was calling my name.....or i could run through the house necked.....i could do the dishes necked......watch tv....well you get the picture and i have done all of the above already.....just kidding......ok, i have run through the house naked....ppppbbbbbbtttt...whoopie.   the only one that got a thrill out of that was mike, the dog....and well that was just creepy and weird.

so i got on facebook, nothing good going on there, and pinterest and someone had gone on a pinbinge and od'ed on some goofy fashion designer with really really ......um.....unique concepts. 

my message from God on facebook said:

On this day of your life, Christine, we believe God wants you to know ... that you can find a moment of rest.
Life is full of busyness: work, family, friends, housework, the list goes on and on. Take a few minutes right now to let yourself just rest. Quiet your mind and let the silence relax your body.

well, the beast had kicked my butt quite a bit over the last few weeks so i am rested up to here. (my hand is about 6 inches over my head)
thought i would take the advice of the last sentence and quiet my mind, and what does that better than doing the dishes....so i did the dishes and my mind was a chatter box. 
afterward i went downstairs to my studio and cut glass for future soldering projects.  i have not cut glass in over a year and had to teach myself some of the basics again, but it was fun....until i got an invisible sliver of glass in my finger that hurt hurt hurt and i could not see it.  thankfully i remembered to put a piece of tape over the spot and then yank it off.  it worked!
then i finished the other bunny necklace.  tomorrow i should be able to get it listed on etsy.
just 1 photo tonight.....and lots of words.  sorry 'bout that.  i know most people, including me, like more show than tell. 
i am going to snuggle up and try to get my mind to quiet down a bit and hoping i will be asleep before 3am.
talk at you tomorrow.  smooches.

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