Wednesday, March 14, 2012

oh clouds, how i love thee

no new art to play show-n-tell with today.

all day i could not get going and figured it was just me dreading being stuffed  down in the basement studio and away from the beautiful weather....and all of the trees in full bloom to fall in love what a difference a day makes in the bloom-y-ness of it all.

well, i finally forced myself downstairs, sat down in my spinny chair and gorked out till i was nearly drooling in front of my tiny ancient tv for about a half hour.  maybe i was just dreading making bunny necklace number 2.....since all the fun of creating was gone with the first adventure in it when you know just what you are doing and it is all figured out.

finally it hit me....i feel like total crap-on-a-cracker.  i am icky sick.  i am guessing it is allergies with all of the pretty blooms and all.  once i realized what my problem was i got to work and started on bunny necklace number 2. 

a bit later steph came home and had a crummy day at work and we talked, then i went outside to check on the hubby who was working outside.......and then i saw them!

anyone who has known me for any length of time knows i have a love affair with clouds. 

the sky is nature's canvas.  almost a bit etch-a-sketchy.

i took over 60 photos...they are all so neat, but i am restraining myself and just showing a few.

now look at this one you see it??? do you see the face poking through the clouds....the lips and chin to the left ....see it?

this cloud kept expanding and changing, and eventually turned a bright pink with lightning in the middle.

this is the upper part of that cloud with the lightning in it....neato.

this is probably the culprit causing my ickiness.  but it is so pretty!

nature sometimes is a bit too invasive....

since it did not get cold enough during  the winter, the ants are back in full force.  they love our bathroom.  you know the saying 'ants in your pants' ?  i now know where it comes sits down to.....well you know...and at some point the boogers jump on and five steps out of the bathroom you feel them.

and then the spiders....the other night the hubby and i were snuggling and i spied one on the ceiling.  normally if they are on the floor i scoop them up and put them outside where they belong.  the creepy crawlies get to run in the basement to eat up the other little critters as long as they stay off of me. 
ceiling spiders don't get to experience such luxury....they get death by tissue.

so i screeched, the hubby smooshed...he swears he smooshed.   i trusted him to check the tissue, i  assumed he checked. five minutes later we were snuggling and then i felt 8 tiny legs strolling across my cheek!  eek!  next time i know to ask him to show me the proof!

i am off to crawl in bed and am hoping that i wake up tomorrow feeling unstuffed, unsniffly, unpoofy.

smooches to you all.

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