Tuesday, March 13, 2012

bunny necklace.....done

well, as i said in my post earlier today....it was so hard to go down in my studio and stay put.

the weather was gorgeous,  the birds were all singing, and  the trees are blooming even more than last night

last night there were just 2 blooms open on this purple flowering plum...today it was in full bloom. 

it was a perfect day to blow bubbles

these truly are amazing bubbles....i swear you could blow a zillion and a half at a time.  it is so relaxing to blow them and then watch them float.

 after finding every excuse under the sun to stay upstairs and enjoy the beautiful weather, i finally made it downstairs to my studio. 

for the bunny necklace, i  originally started wiring the beads using this expensive and hard to find tool.....the vintage bird cage perch

and decided i did not like the look, so i switched to this tool....a pencil

like the smaller loops better.

both sides done and ready to make the clasp.

and the clasp....

while i was busy with the wire, i waited for a coat of this to dry

on the backsides of these

now to play and figure out how to attach the bunny to the necklace

and ta-daaaaaa....the first one is complete.  one more to assemble.....tomorrow.

i even made 2 more vintage door knob photo holders

and all of that wire work left my already chippy nails looking a bit haggard

i made my nails shiny and new.  not nearly as pretty of a color as what it looked like in the bottle, but that is okay because by this time tomorrow i will need another redo.

hope you had a beautiful day.

smooches to you.

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