Saturday, March 24, 2012

elmers glue crackle eggs are finished and looking quite easter-y

oh boy was today a lazy day.  the hubby and i spent a good part of the day with each other in bed watching tv and talking, taking turns on the computer.   i would start to feel guilty for doing nothing when there was so much to be done...but there is always so much to be done, it will be there tomorrow and we needed some serious togetherness and there is no guarantee that either of us will be here tomorrow.

finally the bed worked its' magic on the hubby and he was snoring and so off to the studio to finish the crackle eggs i started yesterday.

i knew what ribbon i wanted and that i wanted some type of charm for each egg.  i have not soldered in over a year.  soldering and decorative painting are the two things that i have to get my groove back if i don't do it for awhile, but i was pretty surprised at how quickly i started to....well get my groove back. 

i don't do perfect pretty soldering.  maybe someday.  i hope to be able to take a sally  jean online class....if she still has them by the time the hubby is employed employed and we have the extra funds to spare for the class and a new soldering iron.

yea...i should have left the dots off this one.  doing dots on a piece like this is not easy when you don't have the right clippy dohicky to hold the bottle in one place.  mine broke last year  and i did not realize what a wonderful 3rd hand it made...... but i tried anyway. 

this little charm has a vintage applique under glass.  

this one has vintage book text.

after i soldered the charms i gave them a vintage-y look with patina.    the child proof cap that was originally on this new bottle of instant aging magic about drove me insane!   i knew if i could only find a small child the cap would come right off.....but my oldest son came to the rescue.   he left me with words of, now make sure you are really done with this stuff before you put the cap back on.   i did one better, i found a bottle of nasty solution i rarely use and i traded caps! 

wah-laaaaa and they are.

i still need to easter-up the last egg.....i am thinking i need to break out the glitter for that one?!  whaddaya think?

thought i would leave you with this.  found it while going through some stuff today.  i think this is one of the best fortune cookie fortunes i have ever had.....except for the one that told me i would be rich beyond my wildest dreams.  

this arty girl is actually feeling tired already and it is only 1:04 a.m.  i am about 3 hours ahead of schedule. 

sleep tight.  mwah!

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