Monday, June 11, 2012

oh what a pinteresting day

so, 2, yes 2 hours ago, i sat down to write about a couple of pinterest goodies....and i am finally just now doing it.

why?  because i was on &(#$^@# pinterest!

you know you are addicted when you pull up a new tab every hour or so, so that you can go back later and check out what the latest pins were so you don't miss anything!

a couple of weeks ago i showed my mom the hows of pinterest and now if i do not see any pins from her i begin to worry!   in a couple of weeks she has pinned 1,962 items.   in nearly a year i have only pinned 5,329.  at the rate she is going she will have out pinned me in about 6 weeks!

my hubby takes the computer from me and goes on my pinterest for hours sometimes.  i had to start a board for him, called vvvvvrrrrroooooommmmm, because he started messing up my boards and pinning neato cars and such all willy nilly on me!

i have a diy and yummmmmm pinterest board a mile long and have decided i need to start trying some of these projects.

how many neato projects have you pinned with good intentions?  probably about as many as i have.    

i worked on two at the same time yesterday and they were both successes!

when bath and body have sales on their scented candles, and only when they have sales, we buy a few.  their candles are awesome.   right now paying for a recycling bin is not in the budget, but i really hate throwing away the glass container.   after i saw a pin on how easy it was to get the wax out of the container i just had to give it a try, totally expecting a fail.

step 1......put your jar in the freezer for an hour or so

step 2....poke it with a knife.   if it has been in the freezer long enough the wax will crack.  you can see i had several test pokes and found the wax was not yet ready.

as long as it has been in the freezer long enough, the wax comes right out!

if these doo-hickeys get stuck in the bottom of the container, just run hot water over them and the glue un-stickies itself and they pop right off.  

i take them out of the wax so that i can save the wax.  when i have enough wax i will melt it down and make emergency candles.  all i will have to buy are the wicks....that is if i can not find a way to make my own in the interwebs!

step 3....wash your container and it is good as brand spankin' new it is!   i think this one will be a holder of cotton balls it will. 

the beginnings of my wax collection for future emergency candles candle making.  oh lawdy this has the makings of a hoarder.  yipes!

a little over a year ago a big ole door closed, and while we are waiting in faith for an even bigger and better door to open, i have needed to find ways to cut expenses.  

several months ago i started making my own laundry soap.  it saves us 75 bucks a month.  i will post my recipe soon for that one. 

i have found that by sticking a large DRY  fluffy towel in the dryer  it only takes 1/3 of the time to dry my clothes.

i cut my dryer sheets in half, and can use them twice, sometimes 3 times! 

food has been a biggie, and i have to admit we have gotten in quite a rut when it comes to eating and that becomes depressing.

i have also been looking for healthier ways to eat and clean.  fortunately healthier ways to clean are also much cheaper than the store bought cleaners.  if you have dawn, peroxide, vinegar, and baking soda you can pretty much cure and clean just about anything.

when it comes to food, eating healthy is expensive.  we are starting small.   i hope to get my family free of a majority of processed foods. 

pop tarts are not exactly healthy, but the home made version is healthier.  there are no preservatives and what not in this version.  

i have always made my own pie crust.  for the pop tarts i added sugar.

my mom's pie crust recipe i have always used:

1 stick of butter
1 1/2 cups of flour
1/2 tsp salt
5 - 6 tbs of very cold water

i added about 1/3 cup of sugar to this. 

after combining the ingredients i shape it in to a ball and put in the fridge to chill it.  it rolls out much easier.   you want to have a marbleized look to your dough, leaving tiny pieces of the butter visible.  this will make for a flakier crust.

gather your pop tart inerds.  yup the inerds. 

i used smuckers strawberry jam and a cinnamon brown sugar mixture.

when i researched the gazillion pop tart recipes many people added cornstarch and water to their jam and boiled it.   blech....too much work.  i just plopped my jam in there and it worked beautifully!   

i will tell you, when i first started researching this i almost said for-get-it.  one guy wrote an essay.  miles of chitter and chatter on how to make a flippin' pop tart.   a woman gave exact 3 x 4 1/2 and after she managed to roll her dough out in a perfect rectangle she used a ruler....yes a ruler..... and measured out perfectly perfect pop tarts.   aw-hell-no.  i just happened to find my handy dandy tool at the back of my baking tool drawer. 

the cinnamon mixture i used was:

1 cup brown sugar
1 tbs cinnamon
8 tbs flour.......don't ask why, but every recipe i found said to add  i did. 

a blob of strawberry jam...

top on.....

this photo shoulda come first.  this is the handy dandy doohicky i used to cut out my pop tarts dough.  after the filling and second layer of dough are added you put this a top of the pile and push the lever and the inner thingy-ma-bob seals it.   

many of the recipes said to brush egg over the dough to help seal it.  i kinda forgot to this and it worked just fine.  there was no oozing of inerds during the baking process. 

this photo was suppose to show the neato seal that the neato tool above did, but my hands were all doughy and gooey and it was hard to work the camera.

a bit of butter cream icing and whaa-laa!

i am hoping soon that i can top strawberry jam pop tarts with drizzled dark chocolate.  

i will never ever ever ever ever buy a store bought pop tart again.  

so i am off to figure out what it is in life God destined for me to do.  that means i will go stand in my studio and stare for a bit.   all i can say is God...remember i am blonde, hearing impaired and i sometimes miss the subtle hints.   speak loudly.  i need to hear ya as i am feeling kinda lost.

hope you have a beautiful day.  much love to you.   smooches.

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