Tuesday, June 26, 2012

i've been out in the desert on a horse with no name...

i was trying to think of a title for this blog post and that is what  popped in my head.....what can i say. 

DISCLAIMER:  i have only had 1 1/2 hours sleep, not continuous, and a gynormous heaping caffeine infused drink.  my head and body are going at 2 completely different speeds and i am kinda feeling like a nutball at the moment.  yesterday and parts of today have been... challenging, yea, challenging sounds like a postive spin on crappy, right?  i have the pms equal to that of an entire tribe of women.  my ovaries feel like they are the size of watermelons and the girls feel like they could explode at any moment.    you have been warned. 

wanna hear read something funny.......i just typed this big post, and even though blogger saves...i hit some demonic button that wiped out all my work.   so here we go....again.

you know, they say that when you are about to come up higher the debil gives you a hard time....between these last 2 days and the umpteen problems i have had with blogger today....we must be coming up in one beyond our wildest dreams kinda way!  

at&t finally figured out our problem and it is fixed....whoohoo!

after putting my etsy shop on hold and thinking about it......i am going to give it another shot.   many of the photos to not convey the 'feeling' of some of the pieces i have created and i will be taking new photos of most of the pieces.   now that might make-ah-me-cuhrazy if i am not already.  i really am hoping i can finally get the photos to look like what i know i want. 

i have been in search for the perfect spot for that perfect natural lighting.   the other day i looked across the hall, in to my daughters room, and found it.  currently her bed is about 1 foot from the window so i will be doing some stretching as i will need to become a contortionist in order to take photos there.  

it has been about 3 weeks since i have been in my studio, and if i do not get to put some serious time in down there soon i might need therapy.  yesterday i saw some beads, on pinterest of course, made from newspaper.  last night i watched a movie and managed to fill about a half of a grocery bag. 

since i had not yet played show and tell with the latest necklace i completed last month i thought i would try out that natural lighting sweet spot in my daughters room.   these photos were taken on steph's blankey, and i will in the future be using props and such. 

remember last week i was telling you about my trip to the local teacher/artist resale/upcycle shop i went to?   you get to fill as many grocery sacks as you want for 8 bucks each.  i filled mine half full and got it for 4 to my surprise....normally the meanie lady that works there does not do that for you.  we were lucky a nice lady was working the register.  

show and tell time!  squeeeeeeee!

these cake topper candle holders look worn, loved, and well used.  guessing by looking at the font on the bottom they are no older than the 80's i am sure.  it says lakeshore.  i googled it and could not find anything?

 lace, lace, lace, and more lace.....swoon.

already know what i am doing with these guys!

according to the price tags on these, you are looking at about 30 bucks in stamps.

i have a bright idea for this trio.

bangles that actually will slide over my big hands! 

snow -cycles to add to our january docorations.  we celebrate all things snowy.

some stuff my daughter calls webbing....i think.  i just liked the colors!

a humongous jingle bell

i used a torch to burn off the paint and give it a pretty patina. 

saturday morning we had nothing in the house to eat.....but i had the ingredients for this.....

pinterest is my new cookbook!   i don't know what i would do if pinterest went poof, seriously, i might end up in da bin, the looney bin that is.

pumpkin bread recipe:

Cream together
 3 c. of sugar
 1 c. of oil
 and 4 eggs
  sift in 3 1/3 c. flour, 2 t. baking soda, 1/2 t. salt, 1 t. cloves, 1 t. cinnamon, 1 t. nutmeg 2/3 c. hot water
  Add 2 c. (1 can) pumpkin.

Bake 1 hour at 350.

if i had applesauce i would have used it in place of the oil.

it was pretty darn good, not my fav, but we liked it.   we all found it a bit sweet, so next time i might only use 2 cups of sugar.

i did not have the cloves and nutmeg, so i used 2 teaspoons of cinnamon.

i had 2 cans of pumpkin that were, i think, 15 ounces each.  it came to a bit over the 2 cups.  i used it all.

since i was using 2 cake pans and 1 pie plate i reduced the bake time.  it ended up taking about 45 minutes to bake.  

this afternoon i picked up some store brand, regular, NOT extra virgin, olive oil and made these!   squeeeee!  (there was suppose to be a picture of a tortilla here, but it is down there)

they are so good i will never buy store bought again!

ok...this is quite a mess.  you see in i am a instant gratification girl who is tired.  i had hand washed dishes covering the kitchen table....we still need that hose for the dishwasher....i wanted to make the tortillas....NOW and i am tired.   i made it all on the stove top.  it was a wee bit squishy, but it worked out. 

the top part of the photo is a plate full of tortillas....i dunno what is on the bottom part.  either my phone or the computer weirded out on me and i ended up with this collage.

it also ate 2 really awesome tortilla photos.

 the other photos made the tortillas look so much prettier. 

 this is recipe:

2 1/2 cups whole wheat flour
1/2 cup olive oil

mix together until crumbly and then add 1 cup of warm, microwave for 1 minute, water.  add to the crumbly mixture until smooth.

you are suppose to add salt, but with the meniere's disease i try to avoid adding it and i don't think it is neccesary.

they used a mixer and mixed for several minutes.  that is a luxury that i currently do not have, but will someday soon...i just know it.   i mixed it with muh feengers i did and it worked just fine. 

they squooshed it in to a log and divided it in to 12 equal pieces.   i used a 1/3 cup measuring cup and got 7 and i have to tell you if you try to get 12 out this mixture they would be tiny.

when rolling them out try not to have too much flour on your board (er, foil) or it will burn.

i put a bit of the olive oil in the pan, which was preheated to medium heat.

it took a bit less than a minute on each side.  they begin to poof in spots as they are cooking. 

the original author use avocado oil instead of olive.  

here is a link to her blog   

i have explained health issues, and unexplained.   the docs look at me like i am crazy, but i have a sister going through many similiar issues so i know we can not both be delusional and crazy....right?! 

in an effort to weed out some issues i now only use vinegar, peroxide, baking soda, dish soap, and occasionally bleach...but i have developed an allergy to bleach and try to avoid it if i can.  i make my own laundry soap.  i no longer use store bought cleaners with all of the icky chemicals. 

i have also begun to change our family over to a diet that contains fewer processed foods.   my kids have stomach issues that 3 gi docs could not figure out, a long with a host of other issues that for years i have wondered if they were a result of diet.  

this is going to be a slow process since this family of 5 has been use to the convenience of store bought this and that and oh do i wish we would have never let them eat fast food.  one of my biggest parenting regrets. 

the link i gave you above is filled with lots of wonderful information and recipes for eating non-processed foods.

i am not going to kid you or myself.   i know without becoming radical i will not be able to eliminate all processed foods.  someday down the road i would love to grow some of my own fruits and veggies.  i never have been much of a meat eater, and would love to have our new home on some land so we could have some chickens......but we will just have to wait and see what the next chapter in life has in store for us. 

i was worried about the expense, because as you all know, that 'other' and better door has not yet revealed itself and opened just yet.  money is tight.   according to the blog's author, their family of 4 can eat for less than a months worth of food stamps.

the hubby and daughter just walked in the door so i gotta run.   talk to you soon.   smooches.

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  1. Whoever is encouraging your work, should continue to do so! The jewelry is beautiful and photo's from your daughter's bed (N. facing window?)are great!

    Mr. Natural aka JoeTruck at Informiorium