Friday, August 26, 2011

a new start....

i tried to make some changes on a blog i have had for 5....6 years.

 when adding a new  banner photo in place of the old up popped a message saying i had exceeded my limit of photos and now needed to pay for additional storage space for photos. 

this arty girl decided maybe it was one of those 'closing door' opportunities and so i grabbed it. 

time to leave the old me and the past behind and wipe the slate clean so to speak and start over, anew, a rebirth. 

in celebration of finding and discovering the me that i was born to be....a new blog.

there is lots of schtuff to move and add and do and i will be elbow deep this weekend in finishing up the tie dyeing process of about 60 - 70 scarves waiting to be added to the etsy shop.

let the challenge begin to see just how much a girl can get done on her new blog in an evening....da da da da da daaaaaaaaa......charge!

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