Saturday, March 9, 2013

chalkboard redo: spring, rebirth, renewal

ack!  i am running behind.  the first of the month is when i change out the decorations and i just took down the valentine decorations and erased the valentine drawing from the chalk board last night

i love love and it was hard to take it all down, but i am so ready for spring! 

last week i went on the hunt for bunny ideas on the internet, hoping to get some inspiration as to what i would draw next on the chalkboard. 

i was mildly inspired by what i found, and   i doodled and doodled and by the time i was done you could tell what kind of a week i was having

steph calls the bunny above the crack bunny.   i plan to use him as one of the easter bunnies on the board with a bite out of his ear.  steph informed me she would never, ever, ever take a bite out of a hairy bunny.  

so i am sure from the theme you can guess i had a one of those weeks.  

i am starting to love the art of lettering, and the 30's and 40's are a couple of my favorite decades. 

i sketched what i plan to put on the top of the chalkboard this evening, which has a bit of both of what i am loving.

bunny 1 and 2 will be underneath.   bunny 1 with a shamrock in hand to give to bunny 2.   my family looked at me, smiled that just agree with the crazy lady smile  and made their usual comments knowing full well since i am the drawer i am the winner!   *snort*  

too much cuteness and seriousness and i break out in hives....i must be highly allergic to them both.

something about the haggard bunny makes me think of my dad...he use to joke with the kids that he caught the easter bunny and we were going to have bbq'ed easter bunny for dinner.  yup....i am genetically predisposed to a sick sense of humor i am! 

i finally got to start working on a secret project today

i will play a bit more show -n- tell and tell you all about next week.

right now, just say a prayer a make it through the next week without this nasty bad ear infection getting worse, or better.   i have discovered since i have had a couple of colds and the flu this season that the gnarly beast does not really act up while i am plugged and stuffed up, but when i start getting better and the fluid and goo and such is drying up.   that means since i have 13 more pieces of doodly goodness to draw in the next few days i need to buckle down and get it all done.  the beast was just  quite a misbehaving jerk for a couple of weeks and have just gotten a break the last few days.  this ear infection all   started in my bad ear and moved to my sinus' and now is working its way to my good ear.  this afternoon as i was working on my project the flood gate opened up on the schnoz...nothing like having to back away from the art to avoid a catastrophe.     why is it snot only flows at a rate faster than what you can grab a tissue when in a social situation, or when it can potentially ruin what it lands on?!  

  i am waiting to see if we can get in to a different clinic.... the free clinic i go to is only open for a few hours on monday's and wednesday's  and by the time they can normally work you in my ears will either rot off or i will be healed...thank you Jesus.  

on a less tmi note, my oh-so-sweet wonderful, beautiful, most awesome daughter brought me home 3 new tiaras this past week!  squeeeeeeee!  she know what makes her momma smile!   and earlier this evening a mcdonalds mocha frappe.....oh dear those are my crack.   i have pictures of my 3 newest tiaras...the frappe did not survive long enough for a photo shoot.

and i wore them while doing the housework and cooking dinner, and watching tv, and being arty,  because..... yes, i am the princess of it all! 

i have a ton of hearts and pennies to show you, but that will have to wait for another day.  the caffeine high i was riding as a result of the mcd's mocha frappe is dropping me like a sky diver without a parachute, i have heartburn like crazy and my ears are hurting so bad i could puke up my toenails from the pain.....oh and i am feeling a hot flash coming on....oh the joys of being 47 and almost 11 months old!  now i get to decide if i want to have a swig of store brand mylanta for the heartburn or a halfa vicodin and a few hours of hallucinations for the ear infection pain.   i might just go for the halfa vicodin since it will make me forget about the heartburn and not care about the hot flash.  

hmmmm....i wonder which tiara one wears for a vicodin high?  

i will leave you with a couple of photos of cuteness of eleanor and clarence...remind me sometime to tell you about how clarence and eleanor came in to our life...i don't think i have properly introduced them.  oh...and the day eleanor discovered her penis....... that is quite the story.  

big smoochies to you....nighty night.

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