Thursday, May 24, 2012

do you believe?

just a quickie post....i know i promised you a post for yesterday, but i was too pooped after spending the evening in my studio.  depending on how tomorrow goes i will try to post....but i just hadda post this tonight.

i had a great day out with my mom and sister.  we went junking...going from thrift store to thrift store.  i saw lots of neat stuff i would have loved to buy, but it is just not in the budget  at this moment.  i saw 2 really neato things while we were out that i fell in love old perfume bottle that my mom bought for me for a buck, and this neato glass house thingy that my sister bought for me for 2 bucks.   long story short i just hate feeling like a leach and i wanted to pay them both back.    we stopped back at my mom's house for the mostest awesome lunch, i swear if heaven has a taste then i tasted it today!   before we headed back out to do some more junking i hit the potty and decided to leave the change i had in pocket on the vanity for my was .56 cents i think.    as i started to walk out of the bathroom i turned back to the change and separated the penny from the group of change and told my dad i loved him and missed him.

i find pennies and hearts on a regular basis, and i would like to think that maybe, just maybe, they are gifts from my daddy that i miss oh-so-much.

this evening when i got home, i  changed and told my hubby about my day.  the dogs were howling and barking in the kitchen cause they missed their mommy, so i headed for the kitchen to give them some love.  the kitchen table was completely clean.  not a thing on it.  or so i thought.  and then, i saw it...right on the edge of the table, where i sit to eat i saw it.....

i asked each and every peep in the house if they left any change on the table or in the me with our current financial situation that never happens around here.  each and every one said no.  

i just gotta believe no matter how that penny came to be at my place at the table, it was a gift....from my daddy, i do believe.  

this sleepy girl is going to go veg and watch some tv. 


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