Tuesday, October 29, 2013

rainy day play

today was such was classic autumn rainy day.   i love days like these.   the smell of the wet earth and freshly fallen leaves.   just the right amount of chill in the air.  

i spent the day taking photos of items to add back to the etsy shop and managed to forget to take even one single photo of all things autumn right outside my window.  

my intentions were to work in my studio a bit, take photos for another bit and then edit and add to the etsy shop so that i could get it up and going again, then post about it all.   the day moved slow, but time slipped by quickly.   never made it down to my studio.   it must be that rainy day chill in the air that made for an unintentional lazy day.  

debating on adding the items to the shop after dinner, and seeing as it is after 7, it would be past 10 before it would get done, or should i hold off until tomorrow morning.  not sure how it all works when it comes to where it lands in the feed and all.    i have over 100 items to add back in, plus new items as they are completed.   i had planned to add 3 -5 pieces a day and new items as completed, but i am thinking i may need to step it up a bit.  

it was a quiet day here.   not much going on.   it is suppose to rain for a couple more days with a chance of storms.  some happy thunder and lightning would make this girl smile, not the stuff we got on may 31st.   before i head off to play chef i will share a few of the photos i took today of what will be in the etsy shop.

hope you have a wonderful evening.  

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