Thursday, October 6, 2011

there are bits of fall starting to make an apprearance.....

i could so live in a place where spring and fall were the only seasons.....

my studio is down in the basement....and i am so cut off from the my dream home, i will have a studio above ground with plenty of windows so that i do not miss sights likes these.

i have been a busy girl in my studio and i am loving it.   so much so that yesterday i refused to crawl back in to bed while the beast was kicking my butt...i had the hubs help me downstairs so i could play.

i made a few more bird skulls...but i have been working on an art doll mostly.  the one i am assembling now is the practice model...the one i will keep for me.   a second one is being assembled to send to a fellow artist for a swap.

her front side

her backside....

i knew i wanted to make a 'cage' dress for the polymer clay doll...i have never done this before this evening.  for a few minutes i wanted to give up and quit, at least for the night, so i put the wire and tools down and worked on another project for a couple of minutes.  this gave me time to rethink my process of bringing all of these pieces of wire together to form the 'cage'.

wah-laaaaaaaaa!  taking that little break is all i needed.

here she is with her wings temporarily places on....i just could not wait to see what it would look like.  unfortunately the person i am to send my doll to lives in australia and i can not use feathers for her dolls wings....i am thinking of using some vintage millinery leaves in white.

while staring at her i wondered what she would look like wearing a mask....the hubs and my daughter like this version better.....i am still deciding.   i like them both. 

a few doo-dads wired to the cage.  this arty girls eyeballs were having a hard time staying focused by this point after 7 hours in my studio so this is the point  i left it before coming upstairs to go to bed...and an hour and a half later i am now trying to keep my wittle eyes open long enough to finish this quick post. 

my husband and oldest son can decide to go to sleep and *poof* within minutes they are asleep...for me and my oldest and youngest, going to sleep is a process of winding down.  

i am not completely wound down, but i am one tired girl, and just right on time.  4:30 am is about my bedtime.

i threw up my mini photo studio so that i could cover up some of the background clutter so you could see her details a bit better.

i will post pics when she is all done tomorrow.   this girl is going to tuck herself in to bed before she face plants in to the keyboard.....


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